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Event: Uttarakhand Relief Fund
Organizer: BIACS
Send To: BIACS, P.O. Box 910666, Lexington, KY 40591

Our heart goes out for those unfortunate visitors and local residents who were trapped in the major floods and landslides in Uttarakhand / Garwal hills. This is such a large scale disaster that just government alone cannot do much, unless Indians from all corners of the globe come together and help.

Some of you may be wondering if it's too late to offer any help. However, rebuilding and rehabilitation from this unprecedented tragedy will be a long and drawn out process. After the initial search and rescue efforts are over and the spotlight is out, the local residents will need all the help the can get to survive the coming winter and sometime thereafter until they can stand on their own. They lost everything and have nowhere to go. These are good, honest people who have fallen upon bad, tumultuous times.
Please join us in this rebuilding process. You can donate through Uttarkhand Mandal of America by following instructions at their website,www.umaus.org or by sending a check to BIACS, P.O. Box 910666, Lexington, KY 40591. All donations made through BIACS are tax exempt.

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